In our world of fine art, the art itself tells a story, but it is the frame that weaves the narrative together. Custom picture framing is an art form in itself, a dance between preservation and aesthetic enhancement. Each frame is a tailored expression of creativity, style, and the commitment to preserve your treasured art. 

1. Framing Preserves and Adds Value

Picture framing is not merely a protective measure; it is a holistic approach to preserving and enhancing fine art. The frame's purpose is to shield against dust, moisture, and the relentless gaze of UV rays. We choose acid-free mats and backing boards to prevent the yellowing and deterioration that can occur over time. A well-chosen frame should not overpower the art but be a subtle enhancement of visual interest, adding an extra layer of value and significance. 

2. Know Your Room

Choosing the perfect frame involves more than just matching colors; it's about understanding the space it will inhabit. In modern, neutral settings, lean towards sleek frames that effortlessly integrate with clean lines. For contemporary spaces, embrace the vibrancy of colored or lacquered frames, adding a pop of complementary color. Consider the play of light in the room, especially if the artwork is exposed to sunlight. 

3. Artwork Preservation

Preserving the integrity of your artwork is at the forefront for custom framers. Conservation framing employs acid-free mats and UV-filtering glass, acting as a shield against time. This method safeguards delicate or valuable pieces from fading and damage. The archival framing takes it a step further, ensuring the longevity of art on paper by preventing deterioration. With preservation-oriented framing, your artwork not only stands the test of time but flourishes with age.

4. Framing Methods | Art Meets Ingenuity

Custom framing opens a world of possibilities, where framing methods become an art form in themselves:

Floating Method: Ideal for artworks with deckled edges, the floating method creates a mesmerizing effect, making the artwork appear to float within the frame. Get creative by lining the sides with complementing mat colors for a dramatic pop.

Channel Floating: Striking a balance between modern and traditional aesthetics, this method adds depth and visual interest. Experiment with different mat colors to enhance the overall appeal.

Traditional Mat: A single-cut opening that beautifully and classically protects and enhances your artwork.
Multiple Mats: Layering and color coordination come into play here, allowing for a subtle, nuanced effect that adapts to various artistic styles.

Sandwiched Glass: A contemporary approach, perfect for showcasing artwork on both sides or revealing the back. It adds a touch of modern sophistication to your framing.

Acrylic Box and Wall Mounts: For a sleek, minimalist display, these options offer a modern touch, allowing you to explore creative avenues like neon edges for a personalized touch.

5. The Frame

Consider the exterior frame as the finishing touch to your artwork presentation. Whether it's natural wood, metal, stained wood, painted, synthetic, or aluminum, the frame's material contributes to the overall aesthetic. Your choice should complement your artwork and harmonize with your home's style, creating a seamless connection between the frame and its surroundings.

6. Don't be Shy

Framing is not just about protection; it's an invitation to express your style boldly. Embrace the opportunity to experiment with color, texture, and unconventional framing methods. Frames can be more than protective borders; they can be a canvas for your creativity, acting as a bridge between different design elements in your home.

In the artful world of custom picture framing, each frame is a unique creation, a testament to the symbiotic relationship between aesthetics, preservation, and personal expression. Elevate the presentation of your fine art, and let each frame tell a story that stands the test of time


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240 A1A N #13
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