Technically mixed media, Toni’s large scale abstract installments primarily consist of three elements, while the reigning medium is the sun. Inspired by all that is natural, Toni continuously seeks the movement of sunlight and finds beauty in the shadows it creates; In particular, how light on water moves, and it’s ever-changing presence in the air.

Working exclusively outside, every painting is unique to the environment and imprinted with natural elements, lending to the organic component of her work.

Minimally using a paintbrush, Toni moves layer upon layer of acrylic washes over the canvas, allowing each one to sun-dry before the next application. From inception to final realization, her paintings are a combination of gold and silver mineral powders and deliberate drips and manipulations of color.

Though she revers artwork from the Ukiyo-e movement and Byzantine period, she strives to learn and create innovative ways to represent her perceptive breadth of view.

Currently based in Ponte Vedra Beach, her paintings are housed in hospitals, prominent downtown buildings and offices, as well as countless private collections.

Hillary Whitaker Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach
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